Why Complete Medical Record?

January 8, 2009 by

Why do we ask for the complete medical record?

1.      Your case will rise or fall based on the medical records you submit. Why take the chance that an omission may result in the medical expert concluding that no medical negligence has occurred?  

2.      Even if medical negligence is still indicated, if you send an incomplete medical record, you run the risk that the medical expert will conclude that the case is weaker than it really is.

3.      Our medical experts have demanding clinical obligations and although this makes them most desirable as expert witnesses, they cannot be expected to re-review the original file each time supplemental records are submitted.

4.      We charge a reasonable flat fee thereby assuming the risk should more time than estimated be required by the medical expert to reach a conclusion and write an opinion letter.  We do everything possible to avoid asking for additional funds to complete the work. 

It is the responsibility of counsel for the plaintiff or defendant to be sure that they have obtained and submitted all medical records that bear on an evaluation of the care rendered the patient.  Hospital records usually consist of the following: emergency room records or admission chart, operative reports, progress notes, nurse’s notes, physicians’ orders, consultants’ reports, social workers’ notes, lab reports, x-rays and other films, and discharge summary or autopsy report.  Physicians’ office records usually consist of physical examination records, lab reports, consultation notes, and prescriptions.


Welcome Message

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