This resident of China contacted Medical Opinions Associates to obtain a medical opinion regarding his alleged tinnitus being caused by “violent and errant” ear syringing.  His attempt was to draw a parallel between loud sound and direct spurts of water  having similar effects on the ear drum, and causing tinnitus in his case.


The Board-certified Otolaryngologist (ENT) who reviewed the medical records pointed out that there are no governing standards of care with respect to ear flushing and that ears are flushed for various reasons. Generally, ears are flushed with warm water since cold water will sometimes cause dizziness. However, depending on the purpose for flushing, sometimes dizziness is intentionally induced.

He concluded that in this case,  the noise trauma from ear flushing more likely than not caused the onset of tinnitus. However, proving that tinnitus is present is problemmatic as is the severity of the condition.  He notes that if an audiogram were conducted and unilateral hearing loss was observed, then there would be concrete evidence of damage to the ear. Other than by audiogram, there would be no reliable method to determine the extent of injury.

No further information is available regarding the outcome of the legal action.


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