If Any Medical Expert Will Do, You Are In The Wrong Place!


Medical Opinions Associates does not look for just any medical expert who is willing to review cases and write opinion letters. This simply does not add sufficient value. The advantage of having been around for thirty years, provided you have used your time wisely,  is that you have drawn conclusions about what attorneys and plaintiffs look for in a medical expert and what will afford the strongest credibility profile for your clients.

All Medical Opinions Associates medical experts are Board-certified in their respective specialties.  Physicians do not have to be Board-certified, or even Board-eligible to practice medicine. Formal recognition of special medical skill and knowledge usually requires a residency of three to six years.  When the residency is successfully completed, the physician becomes Board-eligible, meaning that he may now sit for the oral and written examinations for certification. Some physicians who become Board-eligible never become Board-certified. This is either because they are unable to pass the certification examinations or choose for whatever reason not to seek certification.

Medical Opinions Associates requires Board-certification of all medical reviewers.  Why?  Think about it.  It is always reassuring to know that your medical expert has been credentialed by the national organization in charge of setting the requirements for medical practice in that specialty. The courts often have more comfort with such a medical expert

Medical Opinions Associates also insists that all medical experts be in active clinical practice in their specialty.  Our clients expect that when they proceed with litigation against someone who has performed/not performed a medical procedure, they will have a medical expert on their side who has actually performed that procedure and can comment authoritatively on the appropriate standards of care for that procedure.

The other factors Medical Opinions Associates considers are less obvious, but important. We look for strong academic affiliations and we look for articulate presentation, both orally and in writing.  Now here is where we get somewhat controversial.  At the risk of being accused of snobbery, we do look for medical experts who are the products of prestigious undergraduate and medical schools. We do this because experience has taught us that it appeals to attorneys and individuals who need medical experts. THEY feel it gives them additional clout, and since they know the courts better than we do, who are we to argue?  Does that mean that only prestigious medical schools can produce high quality medical experts? Of course not.  For Medical Opinions Associates, It simply means that knowing what we know, when two Neurosurgeons, for example, send us their Curriculum Vitae and we only need one additional expert in that specialty at the time, we might consider where they attended medical school as a factor in our decision-making.

So sue us!!




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